Bee's Knees

by Council of Lions

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released August 18, 2009

Davy Savage – guitar
Jenn Hartman – bass
Claire Mannino – drums

All songs were recorded in August 2009 by Mark Heimer at Friendship City, except for track five, which was recorded by Davy and Claire in June in the H Street Dungeon.

All songs copyright Council of Lions MMIX.




all rights reserved


Council of Lions Bellingham, Washington


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Track Name: Hell, Holly, and I
You say the word- I'll come to you at night. Till it feels right. Take what you can; drink like Miss Hannigan. We'll build a home, deep in the bluemoonsand. You stand on the banister and look out over the bay. Forty in hand, take another chance at wasting the day ... and wait for the night.
Track Name: Spent Sex
HaHaHa I told her I could pay the rent if my bank account wasn't spent. So I took her in and she took me in- now my bank account is spent.
Track Name: Fishing for Matches
I passed a file, I passed a pick. I passed a note- the bar's too thick. She picked the lock and pried the latch. She poured the wine and lit the match. Maybe if my mind was numb I'd think enough to pour another drink. She found my box lost at sea; she opened it without a key. (I wasn't looking for it, it just fell in my lap. If I had known what it was, I would've thrown it back.) My boys and me, we sailed to sea. We drank white rum and we drank whiskey. I asked my girl to marry me, and “no” is what she said. I know I'll never be the one. And so I'll raise my glass to you: the girl who got away.
Track Name: How to Sit Tight
My muscles get nervous under my skin, and my chest is tight like these walls are thin. But sleeping's never easy and the nights are long. The river's overflowing and the roads are gone. My skin is cracked and my fingers are sore. I bit my tongue until it bled across the kitchen floor. But winter's never easy and the nights are long. The river's overflowing and the roads are gone. Maybe we'll leave the city- hide in the hills where the land is empty. Find a place where our legs can stretch. We won't dream and we'll finally forget. This is why I'll never live alone.
Track Name: Six Point Two Percent
Walked for hours around your make-up, couldn't find a thing that was worth wakin' 'er up. Talked alotta shit workin' nights in the city, and she oughta see the likes of them. Wouldn't it be nice if we lived on the beach with a cat and a boat and no place to think too much. (Called in sick to work again. Caught up with an old friend. Catch a bus to who-knows-where.) And every time I hear your name too much think about those PBRs, she's a tall boy. (Took a trail down to the tracks. Didn't look forward just looked back. I should've stepped right on that crack.) Thought to buy a pack or two. Smoked the chain the whole night through. But I could not come up with anything.